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Introduction Auto Welding pipeline - Metal-cored Wire


Introduction Auto Welding pipeline - Metal-cored Wire

Structure of Metal-cored Wire:

Metal-cored wire can replace solid wire and it has been thought for a long time. Its structure is the same as flux-cored wire: thin strip formed to contain the flux. However, the flux is alloy flux in the metal-cored wire and there is no slag maker. Thus, metal-cored wire has the features: less slag, fast fusion, less spatter, good weldability and etc.



1、Short R&D period for deposit metal, shorten lead time;

2、High deposition efficiency, good weldability, beautiful weld bead.


Metal-cored wire for auto welding pipeline(Typical value of mechanical and chemical data)

Metal-cored wire for pipeline adopts mix shielding gases (80%Ar+20%CO2). Low diffusible hydrogen, better charpy value at low temperature, suitable specially for pipeline with all welding positions, especially root pass, semi-auto welding or full auto welding.

Auto-welding root pass with metal-cored wire

Front formation

Back formation

The excellent of HIC and SSC corrosion resistance after welding with metal-cored wire, it is used on the application of H2S stress corrosion of pipeline welding.

You can have more details in the video

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