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Welding Supplementary Material: Anti-Spatter and Anti-Block Paste



During the welding process, the red burned metal particles will splash and adhere to the nearby non welded parts, which will greatly affect the appearance of the finished products.  It will then also increase the labor cost because you need to increase the man hours required to remove the spatter. Such a situation is particularly common in the thick plate welding construction with large current and larger wire diameter.


Before welding, spray or apply the anti spatter near both sides of the welding groove. When the spatter splashes on the surface treated with anti spatter, it will fall off naturally without forming attachments that are difficult to clean. It plays a role in maintaining the appearance of welding, while also reducing post welding shovel, grinding and other processes, and making the finished welding products meet the customer's specifications. Anti spatter is widely used in welding and gas cutting places in shipbuilding, containers, automobiles, engineering machinery, refrigeration equipment, transformers, storage vessels, locomotives and other industries. It is the best weapon for the welding plant to maintain the appearance of products while reduce working hours and labor costs.


Gintune’s welding consumable used along with our anti-spatter during welding can provide excellent splash prevention function, and it will not affect the performance of the weldablity. Also, if you apply the anti-spatter on the base plate between one week to one month of time, it can also prevent the base plate from the damage of rust.


2、Anti-Block Paste

Anti-block paste is also called anti-block agent, is a special welding agent to prevent welding slag from blocking the welding nozzle of various gas shielded welding machines and gas cutting welding nozzles during welding. In order to use it, just dipped the welding gun mouth directly into the anti blocking paste. It is non combustible, non explosive, smokeless and tasteless. Because it has the effect of preventing spatter, it is also called "anti spatter agent for welding gun". It is suitable for welding in automobile, shipbuilding, transformer, construction machinery, container, gear, precision metal processing and other industries. 


Gintune’s anti-block paste is made of medical grade raw materials. After use, it can clearly improve the problems of air holes and slag inclusion in welding, keep the welding environment neat and clean, prolong the service life of welding nozzles, nozzles and conductive nozzles, and improve work efficiency.

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