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Introduction of Welding Consumable for Weather Proof Steel


 Introduction of Welding Consumable for Weather Proof Steel


A、Structure of Weather Proof Steel

There are several advantages of weather proof steel: producing process environment-friendly, low cost of maintain, long life cycle, etc. The consumption around the world is increasing gradually with years. Gintune catches up with the weather proof trend around the world and develops the stick electrode, flux-cored wire, MIG wire, submerged wire and flux for weather proof with Gr. 490MPa and 550 MPa. They can be used for bridge, vehicle, container and etc.


BJINGLEI WELDING——Welding Consumable for Weather Proof Steel

Gr. 490MPa



Gr. 550MPa




CTypical Data of Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties of GFR-71W1









1、Steel Structure of Bridge without paint coating



Base metalQ345qDNH

Chosen Jinglei’s products

Stick electrode:  GER-C16、

Flux-cored wire:  GFR-71W1、

Copper free MIG wire:  GMR-W50QII、

Copper free submerged wire and flux:  GWR-W50QIII andGXL-101Q



2Gr. 70 ton C70 type General Wagon


Base metalQ450NQR1

Chosen Jinglei’s products

Copper free MIG wire:  GMR-W55QII、

Copper free submerged wire and flux:  GWR-W55QIIIand GXL-101Q




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